June 27, 2019 2 min read

A wedding takes a special place in everybody’s heart. It is a day that is going to elevate our responsibilities to a whole new level. A wedding is a coalition of families coming together and it needs to be well scripted before everything goes on the floor. It was the same for Tara, who wanted to sculpt a beautiful wedding for herself. 

Just like every other wedding where Brides are obviously the center of attraction, Tara also wanted to steal the show at her wedding. There is actually a bias shown towards the groom as everyone sets their pair of cameras on the bride. Why not? She is the one who brings charm and lightens up the entire environment around her. Tara craved for her outfits and bridal jewelry to fill the place with delight. Bridal Jewellery is such an explosive weapon that shoots and steals so many hearts. Tara wished that she wants to wield that weapon and burst hearts in her wedding. Being new to the city, she was looking for places for a bridal jewelry loot. Came her Eureka moment with Mystic Collections. 

Bridal Jewellery varies for each occasion. Every occasion needs a special piece of jewelry to decorate the most dazzling brides like Tara. Right from the Sangeet ceremony till the moment every bride plants her feet at her new home, crafty pieces of jewelry are going to lift her spirits up. Tara was taken aback by the wide array of collections that were in showcased at the Mystic collections. It was her second visit to the store. Right fromAntique collection to modern jewelry, everything was looting her heart slowly. She matchedchoker sets from us for her lehengas. For the foot that has to uplift families and responsibilities in the near future, Tara picked a few pairs of embellishedanklets. 

Done for herself, now Tara was looking out for some gifting options for the lovely women of her cherished circle. She picked a few from our widest range oftemple jewelry collection.This isn’t the last opportunity to gift something to her mom before she could leave to another house traditionally. But, Tara did not want to miss it. For her bangle-loving mother, she wanted a few colorful yet traditional pairs of bangles. We suggested a few from ourbangle collection

When things are on the bright side for Tara and her mom-in-law, she wanted to maintain the same rapport. Wondering what to gift her mom-in-law, Tara was checking out everything from neck pieces and bangles to earrings. Our jewelry expert then came up with a suggestion for Tara’s mom-in-law. Going with the suggestion, she picked a beautifulAmerican Diamond neck set for her mom-in-law. 

Not only the mystical bridal jewelry and gifting pieces, but Tara also carried dreams about herself dolled up in these jewelry sets that matched the best for every event of her big day. 

Well, shopping doesn’t end here. Alike you, we are also excited about a lot of jewelry tales that are stocked with us. What would come next? Stay mystified..!