Best earrings for your face shape

April 21, 2017 2 min read

Earrings are the most important accessory for any wedding event, casual or party outing. It can add magic to your look and make you stand apart. It is necessary to know your face shape while picking the right earrings for yourself. A photo of your face with your hair tied up will help you determine your face shape. The right earrings for your face shape are faltering and it helps to highlight the best features of your face.

Earrings that suit Oval face shape-

 If your forehead is not very wide and the line from your forehead matches with your high cheekbones and you have a rounded chin then your face is oval. The best earrings for this shape are teardrops, oval and pearls that will create natural contour for your face. Mystic Collection has beautiful pearls, teardrop shaped earrings.

Earrings that suit Round face shape-

If your cheeks have round shape then you have a round face. This face shape needs drop earrings which will help to elongate your face. It will make your features stand out. Try this earring from Mystic collection and many more styles including jhumkas.

Earrings that suit heart face shape-


A wider forehead compared to your cheeks and narrow face towards your chin makes heart shape. This needs earrings that are wider at the bottom. The earrings with soft curves will also work. These chandbali earrings from Mystic Collection are just perfect for your face shape.

Earrings that suit square face shape-

This face shape has similar width of forehead, cheeks and jawline. Hoop style earrings, angular and rounded shape earrings will help to soften natural angles of the face. Mystic Collection offers beautiful circular shaped earrings.

Earrings that suit narrow face shape-

This face shape has defining length as its characteristic. Earrings with lot of volume work well including pearls and short dangles. Chunky style earrings with lot of volume from Mystic Collection are perfect for your face shape.

Earrings that suit diamond face shape-

Forehead and chin are narrower compared to the cheekbones in diamond face shape. Pick earrings with more width than length, curves and straight line shape earrings are also flattering.